1. UNION SUNRISE (J Neo Marvin) *
    2. LOSING GROUND (Mark Zanandrea-Mick Freeman) **
    3. BEST SELLERS (J Neo Marvin) *
    4. MARK TIME (J Neo Marvin) **
    5. DIET OF WORMS (Allison Moseley) *
    6. THE HYPNOTIST (J Neo Marvin) **
    7. FIVE LEGGED SPIDER (J Neo Marvin) *
    8. STUDPUPPET (J Neo Marvin) *
    9. MISADVENTURE (Maati Stojanovich-J Neo Marvin) **
    10. WINDBAGS (J Neo Marvin) **
    11. BASICS 101 (Mark Zanandrea) *
    12. SLOW FIDELITY (Mick Freeman-Allison Moseley-Mark Zanandrea) **
    13. APOCALYPSERVICE (J Neo Marvin) *
    14. NEVER BEEN YOUNG (J Neo Marvin-Mark Zanandrea) *
    15. EDGE OF THE WORLD (Allison Moseley) **
    16. BLACK RUSSIAN (LIVE IN PARIS) (J Neo Marvin) ***
    17. LONG DARK NIGHT (LIVE IN COLOGNE) (J Neo Marvin) ****

* Produced by X-tal and Marty Brumbach, recorded and mixed May-June 1994 at Polymorph Productions, Oakland, CA; previously released on the album MAYDAY on World Service/Rough Trade Deutschland

** Produced by X-tal and Wally Sound, recorded and mixed Oct. 1995-Feb. 1996 at The Wally Sound (original location), San Francisco, CA; previously released on the album THE CONQUEROR WORM on World Service/Rough Trade Deutschland

*** Recorded live at the Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France, Dec. 1994, also appears on the album BITING THE UGLY BISCUIT on Return To Sender/Normal

**** Recorded live at the Underground, Cologne, Germany, Nov. 1994, unavailable elsewhere.

Album mastered by Wally Sound, Dec. 4, 2005.

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San Francisco’s X-tal were one of the great unsung bands of the 1990s. Combining the sly pointed lyrics of J Neo Marvin (and others) with a Velvet-y wall of guitars and the twangy crunch of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, X-tal forged a distinctively American sound while daring to shine a light on the flaws of both their country and themselves. WHO OWNS OUR DREAMS? collects, for the first time domestically, some of the best songs from their final albums, which were previously only available on German labels.

Cover artwork: Davis Jones

J Neo Marvin – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, and harmonica
Mark Zanandrea – Guitars, keyboards, mandolin, dulcimer, and vocals
Allison Moseley – Bass and vocals
Mick Freeman – Drums, percussion, and vocals

Guest artists:
Carrie Bradley – Violin
Meri St. Mary – Vocals on “Misadventure”
Wally Sound – 12-string guitar on “Edge Of The World”
Marty Brumbach – Whirly tube on “Diet Of Worms”


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