The Sound of Light enters the brain…..

Welcome to Ear Candle Productions.  We are J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones (aka The Basshams).  We now have an online radio arm, a music productions arm, a video productions arm, a training and development arm, and a publishing arm, all to amuse and to entertain us all.

Our radio show, Ear Candle Productions is hosted in France at Radionomy, and our DJ, J Neo Marvin, searches the airwaves for music to delight your soul.

J Neo Marvin, vocalist, lyricist, musician is also our Music Director and enrolls Davis into all sorts of projects that keep her creative side challenged.

Davis Jones is our Art Director, co-lyricist, vocalist, band member, and  Project Manager/Financial Reporting.

Both partner on the digital products using Adobe Master Collection,, GoAnimate, Prezi, Powtoons, and MS Office tools. We shoot in Digital and Analog Tape, and edit in Premiere Pro.

Come work with us!  We try to work with local artists on budget issues, and focus on quality over quantity.  We have Protools and BECA Graduate John Bassham to cradle and bake your bits into something delicious. We offer a page on this site. We tape performances of our artists, twitter about them, LinkedIn them, FB them, and Youtube them.  The fans and all of the rest are their baby.

Your Hosts J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones

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