eLearning at Ear Candle Productions

We are now offering elearning modules authored by one of our principal partners, Debra Nicholson-Bassham.

DebraNB completed her MA in Education at San Francisco State University, conferred on Jan 6, 2016. She brings fresh business and life training to Ear Candle Productions as our consultant for Experiential Learning centered on David Kolb’s ELT philosophy, which is based on the needs of the community.

Please visit eLearning on the left menu to find the following links to access the current education products available for download or link, payable through your choice of Paypal vendors!

FCC License Audio Instructions on how to apply for a Telephone/Radio Operators FCC License in the USA- no age requirement $5

21st Century Paradox: Training the Unemployed for Self Employment in Services Industries – Intro/Five Lessons -$500 for DVD.

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