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Debra Nicholson Bassham AKA Davis Jones

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Ear Candle Productions
P O Box 170357
San Francisco, California 94117
Phone: 415-463-5495 Office


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Professional Services

Ear Candle Productions “A Place for the Arts to Stay” Creative Audio, Video, Articulate Storyline, Captivate, GoAnimate Edutainment website (2004-current)

Nicholson Business Services Accounting and Communications Services website (1986-2017)

Noodle Brain Productions Retrains people rendered stupid by the current economy to think outside of the box regarding their quality of life issues. Encourages self regulated behavior (2000 -2017)

Recent Work Experience

CPUC San Francisco I worked CPUC for 10 months (7/31/14-5/20/15) as a Certified Associate Government Public Analyst Training Specialist in the Learning and Development Unit of Human Resources. I resigned from CPUC May 2015 to finish my MA by December 2015.

CPUC Public Video Productions
Onboarding Supervisor Training (ASL)
Email Training (Video/ASL)
Safety Training (Video/ASL)
Water Utilities Training (Video/ASL)
FERC Ratepayer’s Training (Video/ASL)

CPUC has a great Supervisory Training here: Supervisor Onboarding for Success/

Operational Acronyms

BA: Bachelor of Arts, Speech/Communications, San Francisco State University
CBT:  Computer Based Training
CCSF: City College of San Francisco (Accounting/Multimedia/Theater coursework)
CCSF: City and County of San Francisco (Fast Team TIDA Auditor)
CPUC: California Public Utilities Commission (Training Specialist)
ECP:  Ear Candle Productions (Co-Owner)Audio/Video/Training Venue
GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
ILT:  Instructor Led Training
MA:   Master of Education, Instructional Technologies, San Francisco State University
NBP:  Noodle Brain Productions- (Owner) Adult Competency Training (WBT)
NBS:  Nicholson Business Services- (Owner)  GAAP Acctg/Comm. Services
QKBK: Certified QuickBooks User, QuickBooks Training
ThArt:MA-SFSU (classified status); Corner Theater, Bay Area Theaters
WBT:  Web-Based Training

Major Multimedia Training and Development Projects

Please use download arrow top right to open Captivate multimedia files with Acrobat Reader

Articulate Storyline 2 Platform

WBT-Training:21st Century Paradox: Training the Unemployed for Self Employment in Services Industries

Click the link to take a private, self-paced, free training that, when successfully completed, will result in learner choosing the status of becoming an owner-operator of a small self-regulated service business in compliance with local, state and federal regulatory laws in San Francisco. The training is adaptable for any USA City and is written for 16-year-olds and up who choose to start small services businesses in lieu of no jobs.

21st Century Paradox:TUSESI Training (Articulate SL)

21st Century Paradox:TUSESI Design Document

Captivate Platform

Some of these eLearning projects are shockwave files (.swf) and open quickly providing your browser opens Flash files. Flash files are secure files. Some programs are published in PDF form will download to open in Acrobat. Acrobat Reader is a free standalone platform used to read PDF forms. Google it. Download it. Use it.

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Plans (swf) Find out how great Bernie Sanders plans for America are and locate leaders who will take them on for our future and our children’s future.

Data Gathering Methods for Qualitative Research (swf) This course will introduce you to the features of qualitiative research methods.

What is Powtoon?

What is Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

What is GoAnimate?

Introduction to

Creative Portfolio


Other Ear Candle Productions Venues

Ear Candle Productions at YouTube

Ear Candle Radio

Video Production Samples (Premiere Pro)

Joya Cory Full Spectrum Improvisation

Ear Candle Presents Joya Cory’s Full Spectrum Improvisation July 2015

foolsFURY(LG) presents Factory Parts’ Max and Antoinette “Where’s the Show?”

Rapid Descent Physical Performance Company- Scenes from MacBeth-limited edition

Internship/Volunteer Projects:

  • Sungevity- Solar Energy Acronym Project -SL
  • Academy of Science-GGP- Video Organization Project- Excel
  • The Landmark Forum
  • est
  • The Hunger Project

Communications/Adult Competency Skills Training Portfolio

Noodle Brain Productions Channel 29 Public Access Video: 2004-2005

Noodle Brain Productions Website Adult Competency Training

Noodle Brain Productions Integrity Tone Scale ©1978 VernBlack/DavidGoodstein)


  • Master of Arts: Education Instructional Technologies
    San Francisco State University; 2016; 3.88 GPA
  • Mayoral Scholarship-Digital Directions at Bay Area Video Coalition
    Digital Directions Mayoral Scholarship Certificate 2004-2005
  • San Francisco State University MA-Theater Arts
    Classified status-1986-1991)
  • CA State Teaching Credential No.TC443957
    Eng, Humanities, Social Science, ABE 1986-1991
  • Golden Gate University: Continuing Education
    Business Law/Math for Managers; Summer 1985
  • Bachelor of Arts: Speech/Communications
    San Francisco State University; 1984; 3.67 GPA
  • San Francisco City College:Continuing Education
    Financial/Managerial/Audit Accounting/Multimedia/Improv 1993-2016
  • The Johns Hopkins University AA-Business Administration
    Baltimore, Maryland (Continuing Education Coursework) 1974-1979

Timeline on Certifications/Creative/Mindfulness Education/Workshops

  • ECP Trainer, Art Director, Lyricist, Performer San Francisco, CA 2004-present
  • MA-Education ITEC 3.88 San Francisco, CA 2012-2015
  • NBS GAAP Accountant San Francisco, CA 1986-2012
  • Digital Directions: BAVC (320 hours) San Francisco, CA 2004
  • Public Access Studio Production San Francisco, CA 2004
  • Joya Cory, Full Spectrum Improvisation San Francisco, CA 1996-2015
  • American Inst. of Professional Bookkeepers San Francisco, CA 1996
  • Esalen Institute Work Scholarship Training  Big Sur, CA 1990
  • Computer Training Options (DOS) San Francisco, CA 1994
  • Anna Halprin Dance Workshop            Marin, CA 1993
  • MA-Theater Arts/Actor in Student Films San Francisco, CA 1986-1991
  • Motion Workshops with Nina Wise San Francisco, CA 1986-2011
  • Live Oak Theater: Actress in ER San Francisco, CA 1991
  • Performance Arts Workshop Certificate San Francisco, CA 1990-1991
  • The Landmark Forum (Seminarian) San Francisco, CA 1988-1995
  • ISOTEC Communications Sales Training San Francisco, CA 1984
  • BA-Speech/Communications (SFSU) 3.67 San Francisco, CA 1980-1984
  • Judith Ets-Hokins Culinary Institute San Francisco, CA 1981-1982
  • House of Charm, Fashion, Photography San Francisco, CA 1980
  • The Hunger Project (Volunteer) Baltimore, Md 1978-1980
  • est with Werner Erhardt (Seminarian) Baltimore, Md 1978-1980
  • The Corner Theater Actor (Treasurer, Actor) Baltimore,Md 1972-1977

Developer Tools:

Computer Applications:

  • Articulate Storyline 2
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Master Collection/ Connect
  • Adobe Premiere Pro/ Media Encoder
  • Adobe Acrobat/Reader/Flash Player
  • Dreamweaver, HTML5/CSS
  • Google Drive/Drop Box
  • FAMIS (CCSF Accounting System-GL)
  • FastTrack Schedule 10 Project Management
  • MS Office Pro (Mac or PC) (Word/Excel/PPT)
  • QuickBooks Certified User (2008): QKBKSCertified
  • Google Analytics

Areas of Practice:

  • SOX Revenue Recognition
  • Ratio Analysis
  • ROI Forecasts
  • ADDIE Projects; Design/Develop
  • Accountant (Full Charge GAAP Public)
  • Adobe/Articulate/Captivate User
  • AR/Billing; AP/Procurement/Payroll
  • Gov.Pub.Analyst-HR L&D Unit
  • Audio/Video Production (Premiere)
  • Communications /Presentations
  • Contracts Administration/ Leases
  • Creative Writing (Poetry, Lyrics)
  • Esalen Massage Therapist
  • Expository Writing/Research
  • Financial Statement Reporting
  • Musician, Singer in TGC
  • Outside Sales (ISOTEC Phones)
  • Project Management (NBS/ECP)
  • Sales Taxes, PR Taxes Reporting
  • Sole Prop Income Taxes
  • Theater/Performance Artist
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Theater/Performance Artist

Professional Experience:

Ear Candle Productions San Francisco, CA 94117 Nov 2004 – Present
Articulate Storyline, GAAP, Controller, Audio/Video/Training



  • Training Consultant ADDIE process
  • Instructional Designer/Developer in Articulate Storyline 2
  • Captivate, Adobe Master Collection
  • Audio Recording, iTunes services
  • listen to our indie rock online radio
  • videos of local artists
  • Video Production Services: on location video shoots, (Sony PC100 Tape or Sony DLR CX 900 Digital with Memory Card) Shoot, edit, compress and upload to LMS

Nicholson Business Services San Francisco, CA Aug 1986- Aug 2017

GAAP Accounting Services QKBKS Skills Training/Client Portfolio

Nicholson Business Services

Accounting Client History:Acctg/Business Communications-QuickBooks Set UP/Train 1986-2017

  • BridgeArtSpace (QuickBooks Set UP/Train) May 2013
  • Skunkfunk (QKBKS Set UP/Train)       Aug- Nov 2012
  • The Hard Wear Store (retail, start up) 2008-2012
  • The Conversation Group 2009-2011
  • Evergreen Eldercare Corp 1996-2011
  • The Stop Aids Project 2008
  • Craig Communications2007
  • Randall B. Weil M.D. 2006
  • 1654 Principal Financial Analyst; TIDA Project)2006
  • Sun Season Products Corp, Ben Bond, 925-938-6800 Playground Sales/Construction 1996-2004
  • Seed Communications, John Torcassi, Film/Ad Agency Emeryville, CA 1996-2003
  • The Shalom School, Hinda Day Care Center, San Francisco, CA 2001-2002
  • Nemo Communications, Alison Downs, Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA 1996-2001
  • KRBR Engineering, Ken Reed, Electronics Inventor, Palo Alto, CA 1999-2001
  • Judith Lasater, Yoga Teacher, San Francisco, CA 1998-2000
  • Emergent Management Corp, Jennifer Kenny, SF, CA 1998-1999
  • Modern Media Ventures, Children’s Animated Educational Games 1996-2000
  • East-West Communications 1995-1997
  • Festival Films 1993-1995
  • Campion Design, Mary Ellen Campion SF, CA 1993-1999
  • Richard Eskite Photography – American Can Bldg., SF, CA 1989-1996
  • Debra Lamfers Designs – SF, CA 1989-1995
  • Nigel Imports Rita Nigel Van Ness/Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 1986-1990
  • Coastline Community Advisory Board, Martin Jue (Non-profit) 1986


Debra Nicholson-Bassham Creative Portfolio

  1. Please use the Acrobat Reader to open these projects.

Portfolio Links

Adobe Illustrator MA ITEC 840 Projects

Adobe Photoshop Projects MA ITEC 740 (links need updating)

Instructional Design MA ITEC770 Instructional Videography

(Adobe Premiere Pro)

Good Intentions

Joya Cory Full Spectrum Improvisation Workshop

Mia D’Bruzzi of Frightwig

Ear Candle Productions and Noodle Brain Productions at

Sila (QT) at THE SEA OF DREAMS NYE San Francisco 2009

Fool’s Gold at the Mezzanine in San Francisco

Diego’s Umbrella at the Mezzanine in San Francisco May 30, 2009

The Granite Countertops: Atlas Wept (Official video)

Conspiracy Of Beards crash a Bowery party!

Terese Taylor performs Hermit: AUL-San Francisco

Hannah Does Pete Seeger’s “Garbage” at Chez Poulet San Francisco

2008 Illuminated Corridor at Kahn Alley in Oakland, CA Part t1

Demo of our Channel 29 Noodle Brain Productions show

Part 4 of 4 Integrity Tone Scale presented by Noodle Brain Productions

Noodling About (with The Raging Grannies)


PowerPoint Projects

MA ITEC 715 Computer Foundations for Multimedia Authoring

MA ITEC 800 Theoretical Foundations of Instructional Design

Nicholson Business Services: Instructional Systems Design

This has multimedia inside so it is a large file

MA ITEC 850 Project Management for ID Projects

MA ITEC 805 Needs Assessment

 MA Papers

MA ITEC 801: Instructional Systems Design: GAAP QuickBooks User Training

MA 797 Research Proposal Summative Evaluation of “Be Entrepreneur”

MA ITEC 800 Final Paper on Theoretical Foundations of Instructional Design

MA ITEC 852 Instructional Design In Organizations

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