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The second Granite Countertops album is here. Our intrepid explorers of sound and thought J Neo Marvin and Davis Jones concoct a stew of skittering rhythms, jangly guitars, shrill organs and lush orchestration, sometimes in the same song. There are epic rants, somber ballads, mind-bending sound collages, and bouncy inspirational anthems. There are new songs, and a couple of reimaginings of old favorites. This time out, the duo takes on David Bowie and the Crabs and finds profound new corners in their songs. Special guest appearances by rapper E-Bone415 and saxophonist Frank Lev. Plus, we collaborate with two brilliant academics who very graciously consented to let us play with their words: Cultural Studies Professor John Storey and composer/film critic Michel Chion. The cover art is a stunning backlit photo of Saturn taken by the Cassini probe and used by permission of NASA/JPL Caltech. A feast for your heart, mind, eyes and ears.

High Definition

We are at work creating videos for all of the songs on the Granite Countertops album, PLANETS DON’T TWINKLE. Here is our video realization of “High Definition”, with special guest Frank Lev on soprano sax and words courtesy of authors Michel Chion, 1994 Audio Vision (ISBN 0-231-07899-4) and John Storey, 2006 Cultural Theory and Popular Culture An Introduction. (ISBN-13: 978-0-8203-2839-3)

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