The penultimate video from the Granite Countertops album, PLANETS DON’T TWINKLE. (One more to go!) Let’s just say it stands for “free form spectacular”, or maybe “familiar frustration song”. A cry from the heart. Whimsical and deadly serious. Here, have some noise.

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Bag Of Hammers

The next video from PLANETS DON’T TWINKLE. Once again we filmed the performance in our hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Lake Tahoe. The eldritch abominations were channeled from the 2016 GOP primary. A comment on our current level of socio-political discourse. Can’t we do better? Get the song here!

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The newest Granite Countertops video is up, with more GoAnimate cartoons. Here is “Daredevil” from PLANETS DON’T TWINKLE, featuring Davis Jones on vocals and organ!

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High Definition

We are at work creating videos for all of the songs on the Granite Countertops album, PLANETS DON’T TWINKLE. Here is our video realization of “High Definition”, with special guest Frank Lev on soprano sax and words courtesy of authors Michel Chion, 1994 Audio Vision (ISBN 0-231-07899-4) and John Storey, 2006 Cultural Theory and Popular Culture An Introduction. (ISBN-13: 978-0-8203-2839-3)

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