Bernie Sanders Plans for America 2020 may be like those of 2016!

Bernie Sanders would have been elected in 2016, if not for Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman’s tinkering with the election and voting processes within the DNC. Bernie now knows he would have won. The link below is a Captivate Project that introduces Bernie’s Plans for us should he have been elected.

Please vote for Bernie in 2020 because our country is being left behind and left to Trump, we will fall apart much like the Soviet Union did in the 90s. People starved, drank themselves to death and committed suicide at astonishing rates. Keep that from happening and truly make America at least whole again. Look at this project, get inspired for the 2020 election.

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To look inside at his details please click the link below to enjoy a Captivate project that is fun and informative. These were his plans for 2016, but I am sure he will offer same.

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Vote Bernie 2020
Vote Bernie 2020

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BerniesPlans for America 2016, vote for him in 2020



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