The Experimental Bunnies are more a network than a band. Many creative players of instruments have dropped by, donned the ears, and added their own potent improvisational voices to the mix, which we subsequently edit and polish into delicious psychedelic compositions. Anything can happen, and an Experimental Bunnies song can go anywhere. We’re only lost when we stop exploring.

The Experimental Bunnies have released five albums so far, each one a unique musical and psychic journey. You can find them all at our Bandcamp store:

Music For The Integrity Tone Scale (a set of music originally created for the Noodle Brain Productions public access TV show)

Biology And Physics (deep drone, psychedelia, and odd epiphanies featuring the core trio of J Neo Marvin, Davis Jones and Stephen Abbate)

Bunnies On Fire (further explorations into the stratosphere with an expanding cast of characters, including the song “The Baby Came Down From The Mountain”, which soundtracks this video of our favorite retreat, Harbin Hot Springs, before it was destroyed by fire in 2015)

Aranka (a document of one inspired Christmas night session with Cyclub’s Junko Suzuki and Mark Parsons on horns and other instruments, and Ben Furstenberg on electronics)

Bunnies At Large (10 tracks, 10 years in the making, including three songs with the late great saxophone colossus Steve Mackay. We miss you, Steve!)

Please give some love to the Bunnies’ Bandcamp page! A world of amazing, uncategorizable music is waiting for you!

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