21st Century Paradox: TUSESI Training

21st Century Paradox: Training the Unemployed for Self Employment in Services Industries (TUSESI) an 8-hour multimedia training based on Experiential Adult Learning Theory, written for the Adult 16 years old and up.

Whether you are an adult who is ready to start your own service business or a teacher who wants to prepare your students for business ownership, the successful completion results in an owner-operator business registered in San Francisco City Hall.  For one who completes this course, you will keep your students engaged and readied for understanding how the business environment works! They can actually choose to start their own businesses using this module.

Goals and Objectives of the 21st Century Paradox Multimedia Training with Assessments!

Introduction: What’s in the 21st Century Paradox Training? A self-regulated learning course that when successfully completed will land the user on the course of being an owner/operator of a small service business of his/her choice.

      • Lesson 0: Introduction to 21st Century Paradox
      • Lesson 1: Are You Ready for Economic Independence in the 21st Century?
      • Lesson 2: Obtain Business License and Business Bank Account
      • Lesson 3: Set up a GAAP Accounting System, Code and Reconcile
      • Lesson 4: Production of Financial Statements,Accruals
      • Lesson 5: Preparation of Schedule C, E, SE, Depreciation Form 4562, and 1040 Returns

Offered at $500 for DVD with the program to install on your computer. You need to have 285 gb. Please hit the BUY NOW button below to access the course.

The goals and objectives of 21st Century Paradox: Training the Unemployed for Self Employment (TUSESI) offer business training for anyone who would like to start a small business. This Adult Experiential Learning Module includes all the multimedia, assessments, goals and objectives that trains the user to become a small service business operator in compliance with federal, state, and local agencies.

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